RUBS - Ratio Utility Billing System

September 12, 2017


Multifamily Utility Company offers a variety of customized Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) for situations where the constraints of space and/or construction do not allow a property to be submetered. RUBS could be implemented for almost all utilities including water, wastewater, electric, gas and trash. 


RUBS requires no initial capital investment and is based on a pre-calculated formula. The formula is determined based on several variables including: the number of occupants and square footage of the unit. Different variables may be used for different utilities and are typically determined by state and local regulations.


With more than 20 years of experience in multifamily, condominium, mobile home, commercial and military Ratio Utility Billing Systems, our knowledgeable staff ensures proper setup and implementation.

Committed to being an industry leader in customer service we offer live support in both English and Spanish. This allows us to respond to and follow up with residents, property staff, management and ownership without delay. Questions are handled in a routine and detailed manner, allowing us to track, respond to and resolve customer issues quickly and professionally.

Does A Customized Ratio Utility Billing System Encourage Conservation?

Yes. Where submetering encourages individual consumers to conserve, RUBS promotes the community as a whole to decrease utility usage. Utility consumption, on average, decreases from 5% to 40% once a RUBS program is announced and implemented. Both the EPA and the National Apartment Association have conducted studies which concluded that billing encourages conservation. 

An Alternative To Submetering

A customized Ratio Utility Billing System can help increase your utility cost recovery and savings when you cannot use submeters. Since RUBS is calculated based on your monthly utility bill, you will be able to recover a greater percentage of your utility expenses. 

RUBS Billing Is Fair

While RUBS billing does not measure a tenant's exact usage, the common unit or units of measure that are used to allocate utility expense are based upon industry-wide statistics. For example, in all but a few cases, a unit of 1,200 square feet has more rooms and more occupants than a 750 square-foot unit. It takes more gas or electric to heat the first unit and an increased number of occupants would generally increase the amount of water used. Therefore, the bill for the 1,200 square-foot unit would be understandably higher than that of the 750 square-foot unit. Combined with occupancy data and deductions for common area usage RUBS is a fair method of billing.

Regulations Pertaining To RUBS 

Each state and municipality sets rules regarding what criteria can be used for RUBS billing. In general, there are six basic RUBS formulas used throughout the industry. 

Multifamily Utility Company has the knowledge and experience to keep your billing program in compliance.


How Does It Work?

  1. A complete property analysis is completed. This includes an analysis to determine the need and goal of the proposed RUBS program.

  2. Notices are issued to residents to inform them of the RUBS program.

  3. Building, unit and resident information is uploaded to our billing system and verified for accuracy by property staff.

  4. Copies of recent master utility bills are obtained, analyzed and added to the billing system.

  5. Once the proper notification time has elapsed and/or as new residents move in, individual utility bills are created on a monthly basis.

  6. Utility bills are sent directly to residents via U.S. Mail and/or electronically to e-mail addresses.

  7. Multifamily Utility Company collects payments via multiple payment methods including check, money order, eCheck or major credit card. Online and phone payments are also accepted 24/7/365.

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